Paul SHepard, Inventor & President of Guardian Industrial Products, Inc.

The InBrella Story

"The Panel with a Drain"

Inventor and President of Guardian Industrial Products, Inc., Mr. Paul Shepard, launched the InBrella System. The patented product designed by Mr. Shepard is a replacement panel for leaking ceiling tiles, wherever a leak occurs.


The days of unsightly plastic bags and make-shift draining devices are over. This temporary replacement panel allows water leaks to be re-directed up to 25 feet away.


Now leaks can be repaired in a way that is most convenient for anyone. Businesses will not have to cancel meetings, retailers will not have to display wet floor signs, and homeowners can repair roofs at the most opportune time.


Guardian Industrial Products, Inc. knows that someday, this device will be as common as a plunger, and found in every maintenance department closet.


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