The Panel
with a Drain

Designed to maintain safety and integrity.

How it works

The InBrella System was designed to maintain the safety and integrity of the work area under a drop ceiling and acoustic panel by capturing water and redirecting to an area you select.

Protect employees, customers and equipment from a ceiling leak. Eliminate slippery wet floor conditions, plastic sheets, hanging buckets, and wet ceiling marks with InBrella.

Our patented panel is part of a completely reusable kit. It comes with all the components necessary to redirect a water leak up to 25 feet away.

This system diverts water for days or months when maintenance cannot immediately repair a leaking pipe, drain or roof.

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The days of unsightly plastic bags and make-shift draining devices are over. This temporary replacement panel allows water leaks to be re-directed up to 25 feet away.


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  • Remove the acoustic ceiling panel where the leak has been found, and easily insert the 2x2 or 2x4 InBrella ceiling panel.
  • Attach your drain hose to the InBrella System's drain nozzle, and attach the supplied clips to your ceiling rails.
  • Thread your plastic cable tie through the loop and the attached clip, and securely fasten your drain hose.
  • Your leak will now drain to the center of the InBrella System panel, and out through the drain hose.
  • Now you can redirect your drain hose as far as 25 feet away.


and more!